About me

Training with me

Making people stronger, fitter and healthier through olympic weightlifting, personal training and nutrition is my passion. I’ve always loved training and eating well, and now I’m lucky enough to be able to pass that passion on to others and call it my job.

Whether you want to win medals, break records, make your heart healthier or simply get a flatter stomach and bigger arms, the key to successful training is to have goals. I will work with you to create a unique set of goals suitable for your personal fitness plan, leading to a healthier, happier you.


What is Olympic Weightifting?

Olympic Weightlifting is the purest expression of strength through a functional range of movement. Putting olympic weightlifting methodology at the core of your fitness/training programme is the best, most efficient way to get strong, stay in shape, remain injury free and move well. It’s fun, infinitely scalable and ANYONE can do it.

I use elements of Olympic Weightlifting with traditional strength & conditioning programming to ensure you smash your goals; all whilst moving well, feeling good and having fun.

Individual & group training

I train people both one-to-one and in groups – always following the same goal-focussed approach and training methodology. As a coach at the London Olympic Weightlifting Academy I run group classes with up to 15 people at a time; so I’m happy to work with individuals and groups…. The more the merrier!

Luke Doran Strength

Give me a shout today to book your free 45 minute consultation and let’s set some goals. Your personal fitness story starts here.